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New Vacuum Bag Sizes

Vacuum Packer

Lava Vacuum packaging extends the range of the popular R-Vac vacuum bags for other sizes that are specifically using the budget as well as hunting and fishing area. The new vacuum bag sizes are available from stock, even in larger quantities. Incidentally, for all bargain hunters: from a decrease of 500 vacuum bags per size, you get 10% and from 1000 vacuum bags per size even 20% discount on the selling price.


Up to 5 year warranty - for all Lava vacuum packager

Vacuum MachinesA Lava is a purchase for life! Lava as manufacturer relies 100% on our own products, that meets the highest standards of quality!  You can get for all Lava vacuum packager a warranty up to 5 years (for a small extra charge). The warranty covers all electrical, moving parts of vacuum packager. Wear parts such as seals, or glas-fibre tapes, as well as the wear resulting from normal use are excepted. More information can be obtained during the ordering process in the online shop or in the terms of services.

Vacuumizing with smooth bags – Safe lots of money!

Vacuum Sealers
(copyright Lava vacuum packaging) - These drawings are the property of Lava vacuum packing

Standard vacuum bags - Vacuumizing smooth standard vacuum bags using a Lava is very easy. Have a look yourself ...

The usual smooth-side-sealed vacuum bags (min. 120 µ) will be  "overlapped over each other" at the bag opening on the top (see figure on the left side) and in this state, put under the special bag stop bar (see  figure above). The Lava prefessional vacuum packager evacuate,  due to that special bag-folding technique and the bag stop bar (only available in Lava vacuum packagers), fast  commercial smooth-side and cheap bags from a thickness of 120 µ.

Lava Vacuum Packaging - always one step ahead...


Elektronikprodukte vakuumieren - Lava ESD i-vac© Vakuumbeutel

Vacuum Packing food

Vacuum machines and accessories from Lava - Ideal for safe vacuum packaging of highly sensitive and sensitive electronic components. Lava i-vac ESD Vacuum bags (EMI Shielding Bags) are opaque, impervious to moisture, so-called metallized barrier bags (according to MIL-B-81705 Type 1, Class 1) and offer excellent protection against humidity and static electricity, due to a special multi-layer.

Lava i-vac ESD Vacuum Bags (EMI Shielding Bags) can be delivered in many different sizes. They are available in the Lava online shop. Also they are available as special order (until 1000 pieces).

Vacuum Machine Tip: Especially recommended are the Lava vacuum machines V.400 or V.500, which have a standard 3-times welding and produce a reliable vacuum within seconds. With the vacuum sealer V.500 it is possible to vacuum more than one bag at the same time.

Technical characteristics of the lava i-vac © ESD vacuum bags:

  • Water Vapor Transmission Rate / WVTR) = MVTR ( <0,0003 g/100 inch²/Tag )
  • Puncture Resistance: >20 lbs

The following guidelines / standards will be fullfilled:

IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033, MIL-B-81705 Type 1, Class 1, EIA 583, EIA 541, EIA 625 and EOS/ESD Standard. The detailed specification of all properties are available on request.

Lava - The soft vacuum with the L + pressure regulation

Vacuum Sealer Accessories

Vacuuming - as smooth as ever! The lava vacuum pressure regulation is perfect for all pressure-sensitive things, such as bread, vegetables, smoked salmon, medical devices, sensitive components...
Until now, most of the vacuum packager available on the market (with external vacuum) are not able to adjust the vacuum level and the machine produces always the maximum pressure. Some devices are also available in which the vacuum level are gradual adjustable via a rotary switch. But it was not possible to vaccum pressure-sensitive products without quality loss, even with the lowest settings. Also, devices on the market today that offer an adjustable welding using a a "stop button" or by pressing the welding button. But none of these vacuum packager in this price class can be adjusted that exactly like a Lava with a pressure indication.

The soft vacuum - The vacuum regulation L+ is available for all Lava vacuum packager. The desired vacuum level can thus be adjusted from -0.2 to the maximum pressure. The pressure regulator will be set to the liquid separator and can be upgraded as well for all V.100 up to V.333 vacuum packager.


Liquid Stopp  –  No more leaky welds

Vacuum Sealers

Vacuuming the right way - No more leaky welds, air extractors, or high amounts of liquids in the vacuum packager.

: 1 Role 30 cm x 10 m

Especially with vacuum packager with 1-way weld, it can happen that due to a higher liquid amount of the products the weld seam is not accurate and unwanted air extractors may occour.

Lava is presenting another new development: the Lava liquid stopp, which will be applied as follows:

1) Cut down from rolel a strip of 2 cm
2) Insert the strip above directly below the welding area
3) It is important that the entire width of the bag is covered
4) The liquid accumulates in the strip now, during vacuuming
5) The weld is clean and the bag is sealed
6) Sufficient for example for up to 500 bags of width 30 cm

Technical characteristics of the Lava liquid stopp
The Lava liquid stop is a special breather (pulp insert), which is embedded by lamination and stamping between the two layers of the PE foil. Therfore no adherence of the vacuumed products arises. The stamped page is for rapid and effective absorption of residual liquid which accumulate in the inner-liner. The absorption capacity is up to about 800ml/m² +/- 15%

Of course, the liquid Lava liquid stopp is unreservedly suitable for food (tested according to standard EN 1186-15 and Directive 97/48 IEG food law (SQTS). The manufacturer is protected by patents and also leads the product to demonstrate the safety method statement pursuant to § 35 LMBG and DIN EN standards of the IFU GmbH.

*Despite of the Lava liquid stopp, no excessive amounts of liquid or only liquids can be vacuumed. To vacuum pure liquieds, Lava recomends to freeze them before vacuuming.


3-welding – Unique in the area of external vacuum devices

Vacuum Sealer AccessoriesVacuuming the right way! Does this sound familiar: Improper welds in products with a slightly elevated liquid share, such as fish, stews, vegetables… these leaky welds can be effectively avoided with a Lava V.333, V.400 or V.500. Benefit from the world's first external vacuum devices, with 3-welding - of course made by Lava.
The vacuum packager with 3-welding are mainly used in the catering and retail trades sector, as well as for industrial use.

New-Line plastic cases - The compact freshness-system

Vacuum Machines

Vacuum cases for groceries - Original Lava New Line vacuum caes, decorative and also practical in the modern, timeless design. Available in many sizes as well as 4-piece vacuum cases set with a hand pump.

Extend the shelf life of your products by 5- to 10-times, with the high quality Lava vacuum cases!

Advantages of the Lava new-line series:

  • Operating range from -30 ° C to +130 ° C
  • The 1100 ml and above rectangular cases have an adjustable date wheel
  • Visual display by a pressure cap when the optimal pressure is reached
  • With practical grid floor, that the goods are not laying in the liquid
  • Applications: fridge, freezer and microwave (with no cover)
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Within seconds, the container is vacuum sealed
  • Vacuuming by the vacuum device or by hand with the hand pump "Easy-Pump"
  • Ideal for tea, herbs, bread, vegetables, fruit, cold cuts, cheese, sausage and precooked foods.

: With the original Lava new line vacuum cases you easily vacuuming pressure-sensitive and cooled liquid products. Above all, you have the advantage that the Lava new line cases can be used again and again.

Vacuum cases and marinate: As one of the many applications, vaccum cases are ideal to marinate  meat or fish. The marinade takes only a few minutes to get into the meat or fish. This would take about 6-10 hours under normal conditions. Try it!


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