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Expert Tips - for perfect vacuum packing 2023

Vacuum Packager of Lava - Enjoy freshness. We would like to give you as experts in vacuum packaging interesting tips and tricks from our years of experience. The following text can be also browsed using the quick navigation. Just click on the keyword on the right side of this page.  Particularly interesting is the below "Swabian Trick" which we would particularly recommend.


Vacuum Packing in bags:

  1. When heating food in a water bath, you should make sure that you cut off a corner of the vacuum bag to allow air into the bag and let the resulting steam go away. Basically, all foods are consumed quickly after thawing. Residues should not be refrozen again.
  2. If you have packaged perishable food, store it at a constant temperature in the refrigerator or freezer. You can thus keep, for example, fresh, vacuum-packaged beef for up to 6 weeks in the refrigerator.
  3. If you vacuum already vacuum packaged food again and want to keep the quality and taste, please ensure that the maximum storage period will not be extended.
  4. Anyone who has already vacuumed roe deer or pork, as well as dried noodles, knows that this can often have dangerous sharp edges and corners to break the vacuum bag; Lava recommend to use in these cases always a salmon board (from the lava-delivery program), which prevents that too sharp bone edges or sharp edges break the vacuum bag.
  5. To be able to vacuum products, which have a slightly increased proportion of liquid, such as marinated things or stews, Lava recomend to vacuum these products with the new developed L+ preasure regulation. The same applies for pressure-sensitive products, such as bread.
  6. Alternatively, these products can be also previously frozen in a case. After the products are frozen, you can vacuum them in a vacuum bag and freeze them.
  7. The same applies for soft products, such as berries and fruits, which should be vacuumed with the L+ preasure control or alternatevily frozen over night to put them into a vacuum bag at the next day.
  8. The shelf life of fruits and certain vegetables such as bananas, apples and potatoes cam ne extended by vacuum packaging, only if they are peeled before vacuum.
  9. Certain vegetables, such as, asparagus, green beans, cauliflower, broccoli and other cabbage produce gases from when they are freshly vacuumed and stored in the refrigerator. These foods should be blanched and then stored in the freezer.
  10. Meat with a particularly high proportion of liquid, such as pork, should be dried with paper towels to prevent that to much liquid gets into the liquid separator.  The best way to prevent that too much liquid gets into the liquid separator is to use the L+ preasure regulation for all vacuum packager from Lava.
  11. Clothes can be packaged with reduced space, while traveling, fishing, camping, or hiking. Also the clothes are protected against liquid. Ammunition, batteries, weapons, matches, first aid kits and other outdoor areas that are often essential items packed in a few seconds, water resistant.
  12. In the industrial and trade area Lava Vacuum Packager used for packaging of metal components, electronics and other metallic and non-metallic materials.


Our Expert-Trick:

Use the for vacuum packaging in the household always a normal smooth household plastic bag and give it along with the goods in the vacuum bag.

The following benefits are clear:

  • The vacuum bag can be used again and again without rinsing for all types of food.
  • You do not soil the upper border of the vacuum bag, while inserting the groceries.
  • Meat liquids or other liquids can thereby blocking the air channels, not all types of liquids remain in the inner thin bag.
  • You also protect your food by another layer of foils.


Vacuum in Containers:

  1. Vacuum Packing of foods that are needed most frequently, such as flour, sugar, cereals, pasta, bread or crackers, and animal feed are particularly suitable for vacuum packing in cases.
  2. Salads, herbs from your garden and vegetables stay in the lava vacuum containers fresh and crisp. Quality, freshness, nutrients, appearance and taste remain.
  3. Cook meals in larger quantities and hold it fresh for days in the vacuum cases in the refrigerator.







Apples Surface Protection
Ammunition Outdoor Area
Animal Food



Bananas Panes
Batteries Preasure Sensitive Goods
Beef Paint
Biscuits Pasta
Berries and Fruits Peeling of Goods
Blanch Protection against Contamination
Business Pork
Brocolli Pots
Bread Perishable Food
Boil down Packaging in Industry
Bun Potatoes





Cauliflower Smooth Foils
Clothing Sugar
Cabbage Sugar Snap Peas
Cracker Salads


Deer or Pork Silverware





First Aid Kits Thaw
Flour Tools



Grain Products Vacuum
Grilled Meat Vacuum Containers
Green Beans Vacuum Tops
Violation of the Vacuum Bag



Heating Meals in a Water Bath Weapons
Home and Hobby Water Proof
High Liquid Content in Meal



Industrial Usage
Industrial Packaging




Liquid full goods  


Metal Components  
Moisture Protection  

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