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  Vacuum Packing food
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Vacuum Packing food
Lava - original accessories

Textured & embossed Vacuum bags & more... Lava Quality-Accessories

Lava Vacuum Packaging GermanyVacuum Packing with the original accessories from Lava, because quality matters!. This guarantees a perfect result in vacuum bags, vacuum copntainers and in other application areas. The high quality textured R-Vac Vacuum Bags are produced exclusively for Lava in Switzerland, which guarantees the highest quality of materials. You can use Lava vacuum bags not only in a Lava device but also guarantees to work with all other brands. Lava Vacuum bags are also perfect to use in the Sous-Vide sector (low temperature coooking). The stylish round and square Lava Vacuum containers are available in tritan and stainless-steel. By the way, try marinating in a Lava Vacuum-Container, this works superfast! Another idea: Lava salmon boards protect the vacuum bag from sharp bones. In the industrial area the Lava i-vac vacuum bags ESD (EMI shielding bags) can be used to protect sensitive electronic components - use for this a Lava Vacuum Machine V.350 and bigger.

Lava Premium vacuum bags - for your products the very best!

Do not be fooled by cheap products! Vacuum bags are sensitive products, which are directly associated with food and for some years! You can trust the original lava-bags in the premium quality 100% food safe and 100% free of plasticizers and pollutants, supported by ongoing monitoring and data sheets. Vacuum Sealer for home

Lava quality films are produced exclusively for Lava in Switzerland, which guarantees the best quality at the highest level of production. By the way, the lava quality films conform fully with all brands of vacuum sealer!

Vacuumbags and Vacuumrols from Lava Lava Vacuum Container and Vacuum Tops for maximum freshness Vacuum GN Container for vacuuming in Gastronomy Labels for Vacuum Bags, Salmonboards and Vacuum Bottle Tops Vacuum Sealer Spare Parts Vacuum Sealer Accessories

All Products

Therefore a Lava | To the vacuum sealers
R-Vac Vacuum Sealer Bags (textured)

Original Lava:  For all products and machine-brands!

R-Vac - embossed | textured Vacuum Food Sealer Bags
from 7,50 EUR
R-Vac Vacuum Sealer Bags (500 bags)

Special:  10 % discount for 500 bags

R-Vac - Embossed Vacuum Sealer Bags (500 bags)
from 33,75 EUR
R-Vac Vacuum Sealer Bags (1000 bags)

Special:  20 % discount for 1.000 bags

R-Vac - Ribbed Vacuum Sealer Bags (1.000 bags)
from 60,00 EUR
RS-Vac Vacuum Sealer Bags (textured)

NEW:  Extrastrong (160 µ) for sharp edges/products

RS-Vac - Vacuum Sealer Bags Superstrong 160µ
from 18,95 EUR

E-Vac Vacuum Sealer Rolls (textured)

Original Lava:  For all products and machine-brands!

E-Vac - embossed | textured Vacuum Food Sealer Rolls
from 13,99 EUR
(from 1,17 EUR/m)
ES-Vac Vacuum Sealer Rolls (textured)

NEW:  Extrastrong (160 µ) for sharp edges/products

ES-Vac - Vacuum Sealer Rolls (textured)
from 11,99 EUR
(from 1,00 EUR/m)
R-Vac Vacuum Sealer Bags (Mix-Set)

Very popular - 5 different bag-sizes in a set

R-Vac - Mix-Set - Vacuum Food Sealer Bags
13,90 EUR
Lava Dry Aging Bags + Dry Aging Rolls

For perfect Dry-Aging of meat, ham and more...

Lava Dry-Aging Bags for Meat, Beef, Ham and more
instead 12,00 EUR
from 10,00 EUR
Vacuum Bags - free testing Set

R-Vac vacuum sealer bags (textured)

Lava - Vacuum Sealer Bags - free testing set
0,00 EUR
Z-Vac Zipper Vacuum-Sealer Bags

NEW:  50 Zipper-Bags in Size 20 x 30 cm

Z-Vac - Lava Zipper (Zip) Vacuum Bags
25,00 EUR
G-Vac Vacuum Bags (smooth)

Bags for Lava and chamber machines

G-Vac - Vacuum Sealer Bags smooth
from 13,90 EUR
K-Vac Vacuum Bags (metallized)

For keeping the full flavour & for light-sensitive products

K-Vac - Coffee + Tea Vacuum Bags
from 22,90 EUR
Dry Ager® vacuum bag (black)

NEW: Extra Strong (160 µ) in size 20 x 35 cm

Dry Ager® vacuum bag (black)
28,95 EUR
Roll dispenser with cutter

NEW:  For vacuum-rolls up to 30 cm wide

Lava Roll dispenser with cutter
28,90 EUR
ESD-Vacuum Sealer Bags

Special bags for electronic components

i-vac ESD Vacuum Sealer Bags for electronic components
from 59,90 EUR

Lava Liquid Stop

12 m long - for perfect sealing and bone protection

Lava Liquid Stop and bone protection
18,95 EUR
(1,58 EUR/m)
Gold/silver boards

perfect for bone-protection and fish fillets

Lava gold/silver boards - fishboards
instead 4,80 EUR
from 3,36 EUR
Bone Protection Material

NEW:  for perfect sealing and bone protection

Lava Bone Protection for Vacuum bags
8,95 EUR
(1,79 EUR/m)
Labels for vacuum bags

made by a strong sticky foil for freezers

Lava - labels for vacuum-sealer bags
6,50 EUR
Hunting labels for vacuum bags

NEW:  Perfect for vacuum-packed game

Lava - Hunting labels for vacuum-packed game
6,50 EUR
Lava vacuum cover for jars

NEW:  Get a vacuum in jars within seconds

Vacuum-Cover for jars - fits all bulbous twist-off jars
instead 19,95 EUR
12,00 EUR
Lava permanent marker

the Original for labeling bags & rolls

Lava permanent marker black Vaccum Sealer Vaccum Machines
2,49 EUR
Lava preserve jars

NEW:  Set of 6 jars in 0,5 L | 0,75 L and 1,0 L

Lava - Preserve jars for vacuum packing
from 14,90 EUR
Vacuum Pressure Control L+

the soft vacuum, for all sensitive products

Lava - Vacuum Pressure Control L+
12,90 EUR
Green-line Vacuum Box Set

Vacuum Boxes with easy Push-lid, perfect to go

Vacuum Box Set - Lava Green-line (Special)
12,00 EUR
Green-line Vacuum Box

with easy Push-lid, perfect to go

Green-line Vacuum Box unbreakable - works without sealer
9,95 EUR
New-line Vacuum Container Set

Save more than 30 %:  4-pieces Container-Set

Lava New-line Vacuum Container-Set for Food
54,90 EUR
New-line Vacuum Containers

perfect for food and other products

Lava New-line Vacuum-Container Set for food & other products
from 15,90 EUR
Vacuum Containers (round)

perfect for food and other products

Lava - New-line Vacuum-Container round
from 11,90 EUR
ES-line Vacuum Bowls

perfect for food and other products

Lava ES-line Vacuum Bowls for Food
from 29,95 EUR
Lava-Top vacuum universal lids

use them for your own bowls at home

Lava - Vacuum-lid for bowls and jars - vacuum cover
from 6,90 EUR
Vacuum Bottle Tops

2 pieces money-saving-set

Lava - vacuum bottle caps for wine, oil, bottles
7,90 EUR
Lava Handpump "Easy Pump"

perfect to go and all places without electricity

Lava - hand-pump for vacuum-containers and boxes
9,90 EUR
SB Vacuum GN-Container

made by stainless-steel

Vacuum GN-Container ideal for keeping fresh raw foods
from 86,90 EUR
Container Shelf

suitable for all SB GN-Containers

Container Shelf suitable for all Gastronorm Containers
from 22,90 EUR
Vacuum Container attachment

for all Lava vacuum lids and containers

Lava - Vacuum Container attachment
9,90 EUR
Original Lava Label

suitable for all SB GN-Containers

Lava - Original Container label
6,90 EUR

NEW:  The perfect book for the perfect steak

BEEF! Steak Book - Buy here the BEEF! book
39,90 EUR


BEEF! BBQ Book - Buy here the BEEF! book
39,90 EUR
BEEF! Sausage Book

This makes you a sausage expert

BEEF! Sausage Book
39,90 EUR

NEU:  The fifth theme from the BEEF series

39,90 EUR
Lava Recipe Mag

70 pages, 54 recipies, detail-information and tricks...

New! Lava Recipe magazine - Vacuum & Sous-Vide
8,95 EUR
Lava Sous-Vide Book

Vacuum cooking for everyday kitchen

New! Lava Sous-Vide Book - Vacuum & Sous-Vide
29,95 EUR
Lava Recipe Magazine

More than 100 fish-recipies and more...

Lava - Lava Fish Recipe Magazine
5,00 EUR
Lava BBQ recipe magazine (Kombi)

168 Pages, more than 70 Game-Recipies...

Lava - Lava BBQ recipe magazines (Kombi)
12,90 EUR
Lava BBQ recipe magazine (Vol.2)

(New!) Read and enjoy, a great magazine!

Lava - Lava BBQ recipe magazine (Vol.2)
6,90 EUR
Lava Recipe-Book

 256 pages, over 130 wild recipes and much more ...

Lava Recipe-Book 130 wild recipes wild meat beef pigs deer
29,90 EUR
BBQ Smoker Bookazine

(New!) Read and enjoy, a great magazine!

BBQ Smoker Bookazine packed with recipes tips & tricks
14,90 EUR
Lava DVD (Vol.1)

Filleting and vacuum packing of fish

Lava DVD about filleting and vacuum packing of fish
9,90 EUR
Foam Sealing Set

Lava genuine spare part

Foam Sealing Set for Lava Vacuum Sealers
from 19,90 EUR
Sealing tape (glas-fibre tape)

Lava genuine spare part

Lava sealing tape (glas-fibre tape) for vaccuum sealers
from 7,90 EUR
Sacktonne (the Original)

To fit 3-5 times as much in a garbage bag

Lava - Sacktonne (the Original)
from 34,90 EUR
Liquid trap lid

Lava genuine spare part

Lava - Liquid trap lid - genuine spare part
from 7,90 EUR
Top rubber sealing Strip

Lava genuine spare part

Lava - Top rubber sealing Strip
from 12,90 EUR
Valve for New-line Container

Lava genuine spare part

Lava - Valve for New-line Container
3,90 EUR
Kitchen Knife Set

High quality knife set for the kitchen

Lava - Kitchen Knife Set (Made in Germany)
24,90 EUR
Butcher Knife

Professional Knife-Set for meat processing

Butcher Knife Set - Solingen steel (3-parts)
24,90 EUR
Magnetic knife holder

NEW:  Extra strong in 30 + 60 cm length

Magnetic Knife Holder - Lava Kitchen Knife Holder
from 9,50 EUR
Knife sharpening steel

NEW:  Fast knife sharpening like a pro

Lava - Sharpening Steel for all knives
from 10,95 EUR
Professional Cleaver

Professional tool for meat processing

Lava Professional Cleaver Tool for Meat Processing
from 25,90 EUR
V - Knife Sharpener

Perfect for smooth and serrated knives

Knife Sharpener for smooth & serrated knives Lava Accessoire
from 49,90 EUR
Cutting resistant gloves

100 % protection - To keep your hands safe

Lava - Cutting resistant protection gloves
from 13,90 EUR
Pro-Star Meat Mincer

NEW:  Pro-Star Meat Mincer (Best Price!)

Lava - Meat-Mincer Kitchen (Pro-Star)
instead 159,00 EUR
129,00 EUR
M-Star Professional Meat Mincer

BESTSELLER:  Stainless steel housing | up to 80 kg/h

Lava - Meat-Mincer Stainless Steel
389,00 EUR
Professional Cutter - 3 liters

WOW!  All stainless-steel, content 3 liters

Table-Cutter for sausage making (3 liters)
499,00 EUR
Professional Sausage Filler 3 liters

VERY SOLID:  All stainless-steel

Lava Professional Sausage Filler 3 Liter
175,00 EUR
Professional Sausage Filler 6,8 liters

XL Stainless-Filler for a good price!

Lava - Sausage Filler (upright standing)
275,00 EUR
Price computing scale up to 30 kg

NEW:  Electronic retail scales (up to 30 kg) with pricing

Lava - Price computing scale up to 30 kg
from 289,00 EUR
Professional cutting board

High quality - for kitchen and meat processing

Lava-Home - Professional cutting board
from 18,00 EUR

NEW:  Available in 7 different sizes

Lava - S-Hooks (stainless-steel)
from 1,09 EUR
Turning Hook

NEW:  Available in 4 different sizes

Lava - Turning Hooks (stainless-steel)
from 6,90 EUR
Working Apron

NEW: Perfect for meat-processing, colour white

Lava - Working Apron for meat-processing
14,90 EUR
Warrenty Extension

from 2 to 5 years for your Lava vacuum sealer

Lava warrenty extension for Vacuum Sealer
from 35,00 EUR

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