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Lava vacuum packaging - the freshness of the future

Start in 2023 with a Vacuum-Packing solution from Lava. Food is inevitably subject of a chemical change, mainly caused by: Microorganisms, temperature, enzymes, insect infestation, and air influence. Air is one of the main reasons for food spoilage. If food gets in contact with air, oxidation processes happen, which will cause the food losing: nutrition, substance, taste and quality. In addition the acid content of foods as well as natural or artificial preservatives influence the stability and durability.

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Here comes the solution: Vacuum packaging with Lava

The destruction of food, which is mainly caused by chemical processes, will be prevented. Vacuum packaging with Lava will gain the following advantages for food:

  • Enjoy fresh vegetables from the garden, the salmon from Norway, the game of the last hunt, not only seasonal but all year round.
  • Save money by buying larger amounts and take advantage of special offers. At home, the bulk purchase can be packaged in portions.
  • Save time and cook in advance. A warm-up can be directly performed in the Lava vessels in the microwave or simply heat the stable Lava vacuum bags in boiling water.
  • Extension of the shelf to the 5-10 times depending on the product.
  • Nutrients, look and taste will remain.
  • Vitamins, minerals and flavors will also remain.
  • Protection from freezer burn in the freezer by creating a dry and almost airless environment.
  • Moisture protection
  • Prevent the infestation of mold and insects.
  • Aroma density reusable vacuum bag and vacuum vessels contribute to environmental protection.

2022 Special: What you should know as well...
Vacuum packaging extends the shelf life of many fresh foods by deprivation of oxygen. However, most food still contain enough water, which promotes the growth of microorganisms directly. Because of the fact, that microorganisms can grow with and without air, the vacuum packed food needs always to be cooled as well.

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