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Vacuum Packer

Where to use a Lava

Vacuum Packing is a very modern way to keep food fresh. Almost no other device can be used as versatile as a Vacuum Sealer of Lava. You will be amazed! Especially for meat, cheese, sausage, fish, bread, vegetables or fruit a Lava is perfect - also cases, cans, or bottles can be vacuumpacked professionaly with a Lava, as well as jars or twist-off-glasses. By the way, also the marinating-process of meat or fish is a lot shorter in a Lava Vacuum Container or Vacuum Sealer Bag. Try it now!

In addition to the Vacuum Packaging of food, Lava Vacuum Sealers can be used also in the commercial sector and industry for protecting sensitive products. Especially for this use, Lava offers very strong 4-layer bags and rolls to protect the products in a perfect way. Lava recomends S-Vac Vacuum Bags or ESD-bags i-vac Vacuum Bags, which protects electronic parts or boards from corrosion and electrical charge.

A lot more than 250.000 Users worldwide are enthusiastic Lava Fans!

Look forward to your Lava Vacuum Sealer and use it:

  • in the home & kitchen
  • in the catering and food industry
  • on travel or for camping
  • in farming and market-sector
  • for hunting and fishing
  • in the light industry up to the manufacturing industry,
    such as packaging and metal processing


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Lava TV

Vacuum Packing food BTW: Interisting product movies can be found here: Lava TV
Vacuum Sealer Bags
Whole fish can be stored for up to 5 days in refrigerator. Frozen stored even up to 36 months at full quality preservation

Vacuum Packaging
Up to 8 months hard cheese can be kept in the fridge at full quality preservation. Soft cheese is fresh by Lava vacuum packaging up to 15 days

Vacuum Packers
Wild and beef stay fresh up to 6 weeks when vacuum packaged. Storage of vacuum-packed meat in the freezer even guarantees a shelf life of up to 3 years

Vacuum Sealer for kitchen
Pasta and crackers keep the full flavor up to 12 months when using Lava Vacuum Packing. Cooked pasta stay fresh up to 12 days in the refrigerator

Vacuum Sealer for kitchen
Pressure-sensitive products such as baked goods should be vacuumed with the new preasure regulation L+. Thus the appearance and consistency is not changed

Vacuum Packers
Fresh fruit can be kept up to 25 days in the fridge using vacuum packaging. In a freezer up to 3 years without any loss of quality

Vacuum Packers
Certain vegetables (e.g. snow peas, asparagus, green beans, cauliflower and other brassicas) repel gases, if they are kept vacuumed in the fridge. The food should be blanched. They can then be stored for 3 years

Vacuum Sealer for kitchen
Save money by buying in larger quantities and use offers. At home you can vacuum package the bulk purchase, e.g. for grilling

Vacuum Sealers
Fresh vegetables can be stored for up to 20 days in the refrigerator. By using Lava vacuum packaging up to 3 years

Vacuum Machines
Lava vacuum packaged coffee and tea retains up to 12 months at room temperature and 3 years in the freezer with its the full flavor

Vacuum Sealer for kitchen
Ammunition, batteries, guns, matches, first aid kits and other essential items in the outdoor area will be packed in a few seconds without any residual air

Vacuum Sealer
Silverware and precious collector's coins will not tarnish if packaged with a Lava vacuum sealer. Also tools do not rust if vacuum packaged

Vacuum Sealer for home
Create a dry and almost airless environment: Nutrients, minerals and flavors are fully preserved

Vacuum Packers
In industry and commerce vacuum packaging is used to protect electronic components. They will be protected from moisture, surface damage, dust and dirt

Vacuum Packing food
Highly sensitive, electronic components packed securely and in any size. Device tip: especially recommended is the V.400 and V.500


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