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Bei Lava findet jeder seinen Vakuumgerät für Jäger und Fischer + Outdoorbereich – Lava, das Vakuumiergerät für Jäger und Fischer und alle Outdoor-Begeisterte. Vacuum Pack - don't play! Vacuum Sealers from Germany, best rated by leading magazines and specialists. Hunters and fishermen use Lava since many years for professional Vacuum Packing of game, meat and fish. You will love the result: no overheating and up to 3 sealings in one time. Vacuumize within seconds a haunch or back of a deer, Vacuum Pack a whole fish or filet to keep it fresh in your freezer, up to 36 months, without any freezer burn. Eat and sell delightful, fresh, vacuum packed game and fish the whole year and not only in hunting and fishing seasons. You can count on a Lava Vacuum Sealer, for playing use other machines!.
Vakuumgerät für Jäger und Fischer als einmalige Anschaffung für Jahrzehnte - Qualitätsprodukte aus nachhaltiger Herstellung.
Lava does not destroy the nature with throw-away products, the priority is always quality. As a German manufacturer Lava does not import any machines from far-east, you can expect best quality when you get it, as well as after 15 years of use!

Vacuum-Sealer Recommendation (Hunting & Fishing)

Zum V.300 Vakuumiergerät
  Zum V.333 Vakuumiergerät
  Zum V.400 Vakuumiergerät
V.300   V.333   V.400

The Bestseller model in hunting and fishing sector. Full-Automatic professional Vacuum Sealer with pressure indication by a dial gauge and variable pressure control for soft vacuum, adjustable sealing time and removable liquid trap. Available with single or a strong double sealing.


from 369,00 Euro  (including VAT)

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Professional Vacuum Machine in a design-housing. The serial triple sealing closes absolutely solid, in case of more liquid in your bag. 
Pressure indication by dial gauge,
variable pressure control for soft vacuum, adjustable sealing time and removable liquid trap. Available in silver & black/chrome.


from 599,00 Euro  (including VAT) 

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Triple-Sealing Vacuum Sealer with 46 cm sealing bar, for bigger bags or 2 in one run. Full-Automatic professional machine, in a high-
quality stainless-steel housing. 
Pressure indication by dial gauge, variable pressure control for soft vacuum, adjustable sealing time and serial liquid trap.


only 799,00 Euro  (including VAT) 
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Noble game and fresh fish
Vakuumgerät für Jagd und Angelbereich - Jetzt das Original bestellen, 24 h Lieferung, 4 Wochen unverbindlich testen, Zahlung bequem per Rechnung - Lava, das Vakuumgerät für Outdoor, Jagd und Fischerei A proverb says: "The shooting alone does not constitute the hunter" Because hunting is a lot more, from the wild to care for decomposing the prey. Whether intended for home consumption or sale, portioning and storing of game meat hygiene is paramount . Thanks to high-quality professional pump and technically superior components a Lava vacuum sealer, it protects the meat from moisture and the access of microorganisms. This extends the shelf life naturally. The vacuum saves the unique wild taste, even in the freezer and for up to 3 years. Thus, no more stress comes on eve of public holidays or peak periods, where venison is particularly in demand at the end user. When vacuuming the back  and pointed pieces of bone bone protection linen and salmon boards ensure that there are no holes in the vacuum bag arise. Speaking of fish vacuum sealing on the salmon board of course also makes it excellent for fresh or smoked fish to storage and freeze- proof and for all anglers applies: Fish remains fresh with a Lava vacuum sealer vacuum packed up to 7 days in the cooling and in the TK chest even up to 3 years. Petri Heil!


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Proven quality! Latest best rated review
The experts of the leading German hunting magazine Wild & Hund tested the V.400 Premium and throwed away their old devices. Read more about this test. More ...
Absolutely recommendable
Quality that excites - professional vacuuming with the original from Lava. Excellent result from the leading German hunting magazine Wild & Hund, issue 23 / 2010. More ...

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Lava Premium Line - Technical Advantage Premium-Line
Technically superior, the lava Premium line with LCS, LTP
and 2-seam. More ...

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