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The German Original (from Baden-Württemberg)
Lava - the German Vacuum SealerMost competitors in this sector sell machines, that have been produced in China or elsewhere in the Far-East. Lava does not! Other companies in this industry merely sell a product, while we are passionate and live for vacuum packing 24/7. While there may be many vendors, selling vacuum-sealing equipment, we would like to take this opportunity, to present to you the unique advantages of a Lava Vacuum Sealer. Simply compare the key features – since other products, that appear cheap at first glance may well turn out to be twice as expensive in the long run, when considering the true cost of ownership.


The Lava concept - A product, manufactured with passion
The Lava Vacuum-Packing conceptA Lava was originally designed for commercial use. The first priority of the Lava engineers was to develope handy, high-performance products, which satisfies the customers not only in the short term usage, but also in the daily, professional and longterm operation.


Reviews & Product Testing
Vacuum-Machine reviews: Lava wins all tests!Vacuum Sealers of Lava are popular all around the world. They have already won several awards. Independent reviews, product testing, and customer reviews confirm the quality of the vacuum packaging of Lava.


5 Years Warrenty
Vacuum-Sealers with 5 year warranty Lava as manufacturer relies 100% on its products - Therefore it is possible for you to get a 5 years warrenty instead of a 2 years warrenty (choose as a free set). More information can be found here, as
well as in the Lava Terms and conditions.

By the way: Interesting product films can be found here: 
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Interesting to know:
20 years spare-parts delivery-warranty Every customer gets a 20 years spare
part suply garantuee for every purchased
Lava product without any additional

Lava -
                  because it's
                 simply better.


The technical Highlights and Features

Triple Sealing - only from Lava!  
Hermetically vacuum packed
Maximum security with 2-and 3-way sealing. New: standard 2-way sealing in vacuum devices V.100 up to V.300 Premium more ...
  More sealing-length - only from Lava!  
Details of the Sealing
The minimum sealing bar of a Lava is 34 cm, up to 121 cm with a V.500. more ...
The best vacuum-pumps in this class!  
Lava turbo pump-system (LTP®)
Faster work with the innovative Lava turbopump system  – Lava offers the most powerful vacuum machines in this class! The turbo-pump  more ...
  Extra strong vacuum-pressure!  
Extra strong vacuum-pressure
With a max. vacuum of  -0,96 bar with the models V.100 to V.300 Premium, you can protect your products and keep them fresh much longer. more ...
Lava Close System - no pressure on the lid necessary!  

Lava Close System (LCS®)
Fast working due to the patented Lava Close System – the vacuum lid pulls down itself and doesn't need to be held  more ...
  No overheating with a Lava!  
Continuous use possible
Due to huge transformers, Lava devices are very robust and reliable. Overheating is almost impossible. more ...
The best solution for regulation the pressure!  
The soft vacuum with the pressure regulation L+
This is only available at Lava. No more squeezed sensitive goods. Here you can see why the pressure-regulator of Lava is better than others. more ...
  Work with cheap standard bags!  
Non-textured vacuum sealing bags
No more expensive vacuum bags! Vacuum sealing in low-cost standard vacuum bags  more ...
2 liquid-separators in standard!  
Removable liquid separator
Only available at Lava: Effectively protects the pump against the ingress of liquids more ...
  Exact robust manometer - no electronic  
Exact manometer display
See how your device works and choose at which the vacuum the device should weld. more ...
Seal or vacuumize every bag quality!  
Flexible use
With Lava, all films are welded reliably up to 200 µm. Each Lava has a continuously adjustable welding time more ...
  Every switch separate, no high maintenance costs!  
Service friendly design 1
One main selling point is that a Lava, compared to competitor devices,  more ...
Service friendly machines   Service friendly design 2
All seals inside the device are not sticky but plugged  more ...
  No maintenance like oil-changing necessary  
Maintenance-free design
No expensive maintenance intervals for oil changes or service necessary, such as in cell devices (devices with inner cell). more ...


Lava Quality Features

In the market for vacuum packaging, there are many providers. Here we tell you once again with an interactive image of the Lava V.300 the essential quality features and functions of a vacuum devices of Lava. Procedure: Please just move your mouse over the "marked points" and the text message appears.



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Extended Warranty Description

Lava Vacuum Packaging Germany Lava as a manufacturer stands of 100% behind our own product - you will receive upon all Vacuum Sealer up to 5 years warranty (an extra charge when ordering). The warranty covers all electrical, moving parts such as the Vacuum Sealer pump, transformer, electronic circuit board or counter. Wear parts such as seals or welding band tapes of them are the exception.

V.100 35,- Euro
V.100 Premium 35,- Euro
V.200 35,- Euro
V.200 Premium 35,- Euro
V.300 35,- Euro
V.300 Silber 35,- Euro
V.300 Premium 35,- Euro
V.333 Silber 70,- Euro
V.333 Black 80,- Euro
V.400 90,- Euro
V.500 150,- Euro

Guarantee for each delivery. All prices in Euro, including 16% VAT

Guarantee only directly available with the purchase of a device. Valid only with the completed "Lava
5-year warranty card" that every product is accompanied with an extended warranty (Be sure to ask your dealer). Without this card the recognition of the 5-year warranty is not possible. A general warrenty information can be found here: Terms.

Vacuum Sealer for kitchen
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