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Welcome to the Tests and Reviews page. If you are looking for a vacuum device test for household and kitchen, with the test result "Very good" or "Particularly recommendable" then you are exactly right here! Read what experts and professionals write about Lava's products and let us convince you. Lava - the professional vacuum cleaner for household and kitchen, uncompromisingly good quality. You will also find here

personal testimonials and customer opinions from enthusiastic lava users. The form below gives you the opportunity to give your personal opinion about your lava after your own vacuum device test. We are looking forward to it! Do not hesitate to contact the friendly Lava service and order hotline if you have any questions about the product. You can reach them Monday to Friday from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. at 07581 - 90430.

Customer Feedback

Gerhard Weise, Zirl in Austria - V.200

Gerhard Weise

We are a 4 person household and I use the device purely privately. I love shopping in Italy (without being close to the border). Salami, parmesan and co. can be purchased in large quantities and are made more durable thanks to vacuuming. It is not always easy to get these products in high quality. By vacuuming, I can save myself frequent journeys and can also buy larger quantities without any loss of quality. I also vacuum farm products such as alpine cheese and mountain herbs. These products are also often very difficult to get in good quality. I get these products about every 6 weeks and make them more durable by vacuuming while maintaining the same quality... My wife is a vegetarian and does not buy meat, cooks meat for me and the children. I get meat in portions, vacuum and freeze it. By buying as a whole, we have the advantage that the cold chain is not interrupted and we always have top quality meat in stock... I would not give away my la. va vacuum device and I can recommend this device to everyone

Bettina Schwarz, 47 Years, Bad Münstereifel - Device: V.300

Kundenmeinung 1

As an enthusiastic amateur chef, I have been using my device for home and garden products for about 6 years. Beside fresh vegetables (broccoli and courgettes) I vacuum every 5-6 months a half beef from the farmer in small portions. It is very important to me that the bags remain tightly packed in the freezer for several months. I like the solid workmanship and the constant good vacuum performance of my device.

Silke Huber, 39 Years, Würzburg - Device: V.100

Kundenmeinung 2

The dear extended family once again demanded a purchase, which in the meantime has been worthwhile. I deliberately chose the smallest lava device - after all, the devices are not exactly cheap and as a large family you have to save money wherever you can. I had high expectations, but they were fulfilled. The V. 100 quickly draws off the air and allows me to work quickly - no comparison with my old film sealing device, which is now unused in the basement. We vacuum everything that arises in the household: pre-cooked portions of the schoolchildren's meals (if we treat ourselves to a day off once in a while), portions of meat, ham or cheese from the wholesale market and also, even if only sparsely biscuits and chip bags (in the container), which are usually cleaned after opening.

Roswitha Miller, 57 Years, Wertheim - Device: V.100 Premium

Kundenmeinung 3

My name is Roswitha Müller. With my husband Udo I drove to Bad Saulgau last year in October with our camping car and bought my V. 100 from the factory outlet. By the way: They have a wonderful thermal spa with a direct campervan site... I didn't really know which model was the best for me at first. But the smallest model convinced me on site; after all, I don't have much to vacuum and I can easily operate the "sweat button" by hand. We use our equipment for the camping trips to package meat, cold cuts and cheese - I have to say sensational: We have already kept fresh beef vacuum packed in the refrigerator for 5 weeks. In the meantime we also use the machine a lot to weld coffee. After opening the wonderfully fragrant bean package, the aroma evaporates quite quickly in the coffee bag - that's why we vacuum it in portions and always have deliciously aromatic coffee.

Jürgen Wallenwein, 66 Years, Extremsegler - Device: V.200 Premium

Kundenmeinung 4

Without my la-va nothing really works - salty air, humid warm climate, everything breaks down. For my "one-handed" (alone) circumnavigation of the world I have already vacuum-welded mountains of muesli, baking mixes, spare parts and the signal ammunition. My la-va 200 works well and uncomplicated, so it has to be on board and is probably the first device to circumnavigate the world."

Johannes Kliem, 39 Years, German barbecue master amateurs 2010 - Device: V.300 Premium

Johannes Kliem

At the weekend I did my first test with the Lava V. 300 Premium. There was chicken breast on wooden plank, Jamaican jerk style, beef on deep-fried toast with rock pear jelly, spring onions and chillies. For dessert, a whole marinated pineapple with honey, whiskey glaze with a mixture of Caribbean spices. The result is absolutely convincing, and in a very short time you have perfectly vacuumed food and can therefore also shorten the time for marinating considerably compared to the conventional food that often has to be done the day before in order to get a good result. The Lava device is really a performance class in its own right and meets all the requirements of its user. I can recommend it to anyone who often has to do with food, whether they are professional or private as a hobby chef, barbecueist, hunter or angler. Your Johannes Kliem - German barbecue champion amateurs 2010

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Vakuumieren mit dem V.300 - Die Frische aus dem Nichts

Vacuum Machines

"Pfffft macht es, das Vakuum füllt sich. Dann den Deckel des Behälters gehoben und die Nase hineingesteckt. Die vor vier Tagen hergestellte Ratatouille duftet appetitlich, wie just gemacht. Nun den Beutel aufgeschnitten, in dessen Vakuum wir Kalbskotelett eine Woche aufbewahrten. Hier ebenfalls ein frischer Duft und nicht jener erste schwefelfaulige Schwaden, von dem der Fleischer sagt, der sei normal und gebe sich nach einigen Minuten an der Luft. Mit buchstäblich nichts bleiben alle Sachen im Kühlschrank oder tiefgefroren drei- bis fünf mal so lange haltbar wie ohne Vakuum. Ein gutes Vakuum kommt nicht aus dem Nichts. Nur mit einem professionellen Gerät ist diese saubere Art der Konservierung sicher. Das V.300 von Lava bietet da nicht nur eine sichere, da doppelte Schweißnaht, sondern sogar die Druckanzeige durch ein Manometer. Ein solches Gerät ist hochbelastbar und erzeugt schnell einen Unterdruck von annähernd minus 1 Bar. Soll Fleisch mit etwas Sauce vakuumiert werden, so endet das bei billigen Geräten in einer ziemlichen Sauerei, da der Luftstrom eben auch Flüssigkeit mit anzieht, die in das Gehäuse eindringt und daraus nur schwer zu entfernen ist. Doch am Gerät einsteckbarer Flüssigkeitsabscheider und Doppelschweißnaht, die bei Bedarf noch ein zwischen zwei Folienschichten eingebettetes Saugvlies unterstützt, erweitern das Spektrum der vakuumierbaren Lebensmittel erheblich. Noch größer wird es durch Kunststoff-oder Metallbehälter, die sich mit der mit gelieferten rüsselartigen Absaugvorrichtung auspumpen lassen. Für die viereckigen Gastronorm-Behälter sind zu dem passende Deckel mit Ventilanschluss lieferbar. Alle diese Gefäße ziehen den Frische Joker beispielsweise für Suppen, aber auch für empfindliches Gut wie Himbeeren. Selbst eine Kuchenglocke von 270 Millimeter Durchmesser und 170 Millimeter Höhe ist lieferbar, damit die Sahne nicht vorzeitig der Gilbereilt. Angebrochene Flaschen mit Saft und Wein halten sich länger, wenn aus ihnen über einen speziellen Flaschenverschluss die Luft evakuiert wird. Der in Deutschland entwickelte und gefertigte V.300, von dem es kleinere und größere Geschwister gibt, erscheint uns als Allrounder für den anspruchsvollen Privathaushalt und einen kleinen Gewerbebetrieb. Die Pumpe arbeitet leise, das Gerät ist standfest und lässt sich von Automatik- auf Handsteuerung schalten. Es verlängert die Haltbarkeit nicht in alle Ewigkeit, bietet aber eine hygienisch ein wandfreie Vorratshaltung frischer sowie einzufrierender Lebensmittel. Da verlängert sich die Saison ebenso wie manches Sonderangebot. NILSSCHIFFHAUER Informationen:, Set mit reichhaltigem Zubehörab 299 Euro. Die getestete Version V.300 Premium Line kostet 419 Euro"

Quelle: FAZ, vom 18.05.2010

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