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Vacuumpacking like a professional - As a renowned manufacturer, Lava has established a brand with high-quality vacuum sealers and accessories. In addition to the in 2006 introduced 3-welding, which is still unique in the area of external vacuum packaging, Lava now presents the new Premium Line  (V.100 / V.200 and V.300), which is suitable for frequent vacuum sealer users, such as hunter, fishermen, restaurants, as well as business users. The following vacuum-systems are exclusively and only available in the Lava vacuum-packing Premium Line:



Vacuum Sealer for home
On the market, there are many devices available, where the user has to push down the machine-lid as long as the vacuum sealer generates the vacuum. With large vacuum bags, this may take several seconds. Using the LCS Lava Close System, the patented locking system, the machine-lid does not have to be pushed down during the full vacuum process.

  • Work faster - the device works automatically. The next vacuum bag can be filled immediately with goods.
  • Easier to use - a complete working step is not required.

Vacuum Sealer for home
The LTP Lava TurboPumpsystem of the Lava Premium Line modells, are based on poweful 2-ball gearing piston pumps with a pump capacity of 35 ltr./minute and -0,94 bar vacuum. And all that at a usual high smoothness and reliability in daily use.

  • Vacuuming within seconds - even with a large vacuum bag
  • Work fast and smart - the various processes take much shorter
  • Longer shelf-life - made possible by a higher vacuum-pressure

Vacuum Sealers
Unique in this price range - Lava presents a robust two-way weld in the Premium Line series.

  • Double security - Guaranteed no leaker
  • 100% seam sealed - despite of a slightly higher liquid content of the product



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Vacuum Sealer for home


Vacuum Packers

Outdoor Set & first-aid kit

Vacuum Sealer Bags

Coffee beans in the bag

Vacuum Packers

Coffee beans in the container

Vacuum Sealer Bags

Full power - crushing cans

Vacuum Packer

Smoked Salmon

Lava Vacuum Packaging Germany


Vacuum Sealer for kitchen


Vacuum Packaging

Coins and banknotes

Vacuum Sealer for kitchen

pressure regulation L+

Vacuum Packaging

Whole fish

Vacuum Packaging


Vacuum Packer

Hard cheese

Vacuum Sealer Accessories



Lava Premium Devices

Double Sealing 34 cm | LTP | LCS | 500 W

Lava Vacuum-Sealer V.100 Premium - with Double-Sealing
from 299,00 EUR   (including 19 % VAT)

Double Sealing 34 cm | LTP | LCS | 500 W

Lava Vacuum-Sealer V.200 Premium - with Double-Sealing
from 359,00 EUR   (including 19 % VAT)

Double Sealing 34 cm | LTP | LCS | 500 W

LAVA - Vacuum Machine V.300 Premium - double sealing
from 419,00 EUR   (including 19 % VAT)

Triple Sealing 35 cm | LTP | LCS | 900 W

Lava Vacuum Sealer V.333 Premium - Triple-Sealing
from 599,00 EUR   (including 19 % VAT)

Triple Sealing 36 cm | LTP | LCS | 900 W

Lava Vacuum Packing machine V.350 Premium
from 699,00 EUR   (including 19 % VAT)

Triple Sealing 46 cm | LTP | LCS | 1100 W

Vacuum-Sealer V.400 Premium (Triple Sealing)
from 799,00 EUR   (including 19 % VAT)

Triple Sealing 72 cm | LTP | LCS | 1800 W

Lava Vacuum-Packing-Machine V.500 Premium
from 1.149,00 EUR   (including 19 % VAT)

Triple Sealing 121 cm | LTP | LCS | 2600 W

Lava Vacuum-Machine V.500 Premium XXL
from 1.799,00 EUR   (including 19 % VAT)


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