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Lava Dry-Aging Maturing Bags

Dry-Aging premium meat
done at home.

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Maturating Bags - for perfect dry-aging at home

Vacuum sealing in
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Technically superior
with 2x weldingband as well as the LCS & LTP systems

V.100 Premium Vacuum Sealer

V.100 Premium
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Infos Vacuummachine V.100

V.200 Premium Vacuum Sealer

V.100 Premium
from 359,-
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Infos Vacuummachine V.200

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5 Yeras Warrenty

Vacuum Machine - 5 Yeras Warrenty

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Vacuum machine - Without air more taste
Without air
more taste

Vacuuming means to preserve food and the conditions without any additives, freshness remains and the flavor is intensified. For vegetable side dishes, the Sous-Vide method, so the cooking in a vacuum bag, it is so important that nutrients and flavor remain in the vegetables. Beans, broccoli, etc. also remain green. Meat and fish can also be cooked in heat-resistant pouches in the oven or water bath. Meat also need significantly less time to run through when it is marinated right in the vacuum bag. Tasty wild or beef unfold their full flavor when vacuum packaged.

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Vacuum Sealer - sustainably produced


New: Limited Edition - Vacuum Sealer V.300 Black & White

Even for a vacuum sealer it worth looking at sustainability. The acquisition costs are paying off. Quality products live longer and are fair produced other an anonymous cheap imports. Our daily food consumption has ecological, economic and social impacts. The more food is produced, the more burdensome are the production conditions for nature, animals and humans. A professional Lava Vacuum Packing Machine makes food durable up to ten times longer. By effective storage, food is less wasted. Less throw away means consuming less. This creates space for sustainable agriculture and resource-friendly production, which supply the food in sufficient quantity and high quality.

Lava Bestseller: V.300 Premium

Food: too good for the trash bin Food: too good for the trash bin

The EU has declared 2014 the "European Year against food waste". Almost a third of European food ends up in the garbage, even though they are still edible. Private households are the very front. Around 179 kilos EU citizens throw away on average. An ethical and ecological dilemma. Conscious use of food begins at the well-planned shopping.

But the decisive factor is the correct storage. The Lava vacuum technique makes food durable up to 10 times longer. Whether fresh produced, precooked or preserved - a Lava Vacuum machine you do not have to throw away your food anymore.

Vacuum bags free of plasticizers

Fresh is healthy - Vacuuming perserves vitamins Fresh is healthy - Vacuuming preserving vitamins

Vitamins are sensitive journeymen. Through contact with oxygen, light or heat they evaporate quickly. Spinach loses after two days in the refrigerator 25% of its vitamin C content. At room temperature, even 50%. The reason for the rapid loss is the natural metabolic process that is active even after the harvest continues. Therefore the rule for fruit and vegetables is: only fresh is healthy!

In Lava vacuum bags the healthy nutrients are retained longer. The air withdrawal of a Lava Vacuum Sealer interrupts the oxidation processes and absorbs variations in temperature. Vegetables and co. remain longer fresh and healthy. Incidentally, the best durability and the least vitamin loss has vegetables when stored uncrushed. When shopping you should pay attention to regional products that have only short transport routes.

Lava Vacuum Sealer - Rating: very good!

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Lava Vacuum cover for jars only 12,00 Euro!

Vacuumize glasses within seconds!

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Lava Jar Cover - Vacuum seal glases within seconds

Lava TV - informative und innovative
Informative und innovative

Vacuumpackager-product-clips. Enjoy the video format from Lava.

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New at Lava

Look forward to current topics and trends around vacuum packaging.

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  • V.333 Black-Edition -
    Design meets technics.
  • Lava Pressure Regulation -
    The soft vacuum.
  • Lava LiquidStopp -
    Ensures tight seams.
  • Lava Active - Recepies & films from Lava friends.
  • 5 years warrenty -
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Vacuum Sealer & Vacuum Packer - the Original

Lava Vacuum Sealer Classic-Line with 1 sealing-bar

V.100® Vacuum Sealer - the entry level device
V.300® Vacuum Sealer - with full automatic & manometer (Lava bestseller!)

Vacuum Machines of the Lava Premium-Line with 2 and 3 sealing-bar

V.100® Premium Vacuum Machine – iBest of the big Vacuum-Sealer Review: Very Good in test!
V.200® Premium Vacuum Machine – with 2 sealing-bars and full automatic
V.300® Premium Vacuum Sealer – the bestseller, already tested: very good!
V.300® Black Vacuum Sealer – the bestseller, also rated several times with very good!
V.300® White Vacuum Machine – the high quality design device in noble white;
V.333® Premium Machine – with 3 sealing-bars, silver metallic housing
V.333® Black-Chrom Vacuum Packer – the design vacuum device with 3 sealing-bars
V.350® Premium Vacuum Machine – Professional machine with 3 sealing bars (stainless steel)
V.400® Premium Vacuum Machine – Best review: Very good in test! 460 mm sealing-bar
V.500® Premium Vacuum Machine – Triple-sealing machine. 720 mm wide, stainless steel case
V.500® Premium XL Vacuum Machine – Industry device, triple sealing, 1210 mm sealing bar
Vacuum Sealer & Vacuum Packager - the Original

Vacuum Sealers to buy online - for home, hobby & outdoor

The best place to buy a high quality vacuum sealer is at the experts here at Lava Vacuum packaging, the famous German brand from southern Germany with over 300.000 satisfied customers, up to a 5 year warranty and a 25-year supply of spare parts guaranteed. The friendly team will help you competently in technical questions and application questions, after all you are at the experts and manufacturers at the same time.

Many of our Vacuum Sealers were repeatedly tested in competitions and reviews with Very-Good!

The largest selection of Vacuum Sealers

A bigger range of external Vacuum Packers, produced by one company you will not find anywhere else. All Vacuum Packers have their origin in our own development-department and are manufactured under strict quality guidelines. Lava is based on sustainable production and dispense it as opposed to competition in cheap imports from the Far East. Each Vacuum Sealer passes through the plant in a 100% inspection and functional tests before it leaves the company. Buy your Vacuum Sealer online, directly from the manufacturer with immediate availability. For purchase advice, we recommend our practical shopping helper.

A Lava Vacuum Sealer is cheaper and inexpensive

Your lifetime investment, guaranteed! Lava does not produce throw-away vacuum devices, you can find everywhere. A Lava does what it should, it works and nothing else. You can use a Lava in many different areas: Meat packaging, wine-vacuuming, vacuuming vegetables, fish packaging and food packaging. Vacuum packaging machines for industry can be found at Lava exactly as Vacuum Sealer for home and kitchen. Lava pro vacuum devices are used much in the processing industry. The benefits are obvious: Protection against moisture and oxidation, by using extra thick vacuum bags and vacuum rolls. Preservation of the surface texture, also to prevent damage during transport through the stable vacuum bag.

Tips & areas - Lava Vacuum Sealer

Lava vacuum sealers extend the shelf life of food products up to 5 - 10 times. Food durability and endurance tests confirm the quality of a Lava & hardly a household device is so versatile:

  • Meat (beef or venison) may be vacuum packed in a sturdy Lava vacuum bag up to 6 weeks in the fridge and 36 months in the deep-freeze.
  • Open wine can be stored for up to 25 days by using Lava Wine-Vacuum-Sealing.
  • A freshly caught fish can be kept using the vacuum sealing process up to 5 days in the refrigerator and even 36 months in the freezer.
  • Salads, herbs and vegetables from the home garden can be vacuum-packed fresh and crisp for weeks in the refrigerator, even frozen up to 3 years.
  • Quality, freshness, nutrients, appearance and taste are fully maintained and besides there's no freezer burn using the Lava vacuum packaging.
  • 100% natural preservation additive, 100% free of plasticizers and 100% free of BPA, this all guarantees a high quality vacuum packaging with Lava.

Vacuum device Videos – click and get delighted

The Lava image movie
The Lava image movie
Lot's of power! Crush cans
Power Test! Cans-Crush.
Twist-off glass sealed under vacuum
Twist-off glass sealed under vacuum
Outdoor-set & First-aid set
Outdoor-set &
First-aid set
Coffeebeans in vacuum bag
Coffee-Beans in
a vacuum bag
Coffeebeans in a case
Coffee-Beans in a box
Vacuuming sausages
Vacuuming sausages

Accessories for vacuum devices - so much, there is only here at Lava

The quality Lava vacuum foils and vacuum bags and continuous rolls can be used for all makes, are 100% free of plasticizers (BPA free!) and therefore completely harmless. Vacuum films should be bought at the company of his confidence, because it is in touch with food for many years and there must be no transfer of substances of concern. For this reason, vacuum bag and vacuum rolls all made by Lava in Switzerland under very strict guidelines. In addition to films in every conceivable variation you will also find practical Vacuum Sealer accessories, such as:

ESD vacuum bags and ESD packaging solutions for trade and industry

ESD Bags, ESD Shielding-Bags und ESD-Products. Lava offers especially for electronic components ESD films that provide reliable protection against electrostatic discharge and corrosion. For vacuuming of electronic components so-called Moisture Barrier Bags are used. Electronic components such as circuit boards are highly sensitive and must be handled with extreme caution. Of course Lava provides for such sensitive products an adequate solution for trade and industry. In addition to bags of standard size and all special sizes are available for purchase at Lava.

EMI-Shielding Bags

The EMI Shielding bag of Lava are called Lava i-vac ESD vacuum bag and correspond in terms of vapor permeability and ESD category the standard required by the IPC / JSTD 33b guidelines and are therefore fully suitable for commercial and industrial applications. With Lava you can vacuum seal sensitive materials over many years. The device recommendation for welding of ESD / EMI vacuum films are the Lava vacuum machine V.400 Premium or V.500 Premium in stainless steel housing.

Sous-Vide - a trend for household and gastronomy

Sous-Vide Cooking – a trend for kitchen & and restaurants

Sous vide equipment are a modern trend in the kitchens. Particularly frequently Lava products are used to apply the sous vide cooking method. The vacuum sealer of Lava makes a high vacuum and the vacuum bags are heat resistant. Lava recommends the sous vide range of Lavide which was developed for restaurant-chefs and finally is available as the affordable sous vide solution for your private household.

  • Meat Sous-Vide cooked – is super tender cooked to perfection, there is no overcooking
  • Fish Sous-Vide cooked – also to the point, glassy and maximum natural flavor
  • Vegetables in Sous-Vide – is cooked everywhere equally delicate but never too soft
  • Fruits Sous-Vide – splendid intensified intrinsic flavor without additives

Sous vide equipment, produced by Lavide convince through a very high temperature accuracy and a high quality finish. All Sous Vide equipment and accessories are available for immediate delivery - shop now!

Vacuum Packing food
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